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1. How does Autumn protect my privacy?



Autumn is built on the belief that your data is yours, and yours alone. This means we will never share any personal information unless you explicitly direct us to. All data analysis requires explicit opt-in by the user, and users have full control over what gets analyzed and who sees that analysis. Any stored data is encrypted and anonymized.

2. What sorts of insights will I receive?


Autumn's insights fall into two categories, Patterns, and Recommendations. Patterns are interesting trends in your data that help you make more informed decisions around your mental health. An example of a Pattern is the following:


‘Over the past two months, the variance in weather explains 18% of the variation in your mood.’ 


Recommendations are practical next steps you can take, whether resources or information, focused on solving specific challenges your face in your workplace or personal life, whether it’s having a conversation with a supervisor about a raise, or having a difficult conversation with a family member. Our recommendations are designed by executive coaches and academics in the fields of organizational management and psychology.


Autumn exists to give you real value from your data – the chance to better know yourself.

3. Does my employer see any of my data?


Your employer won’t ever see any of your personal information. Ever.

If you opt into Autumn's community features, your information is anonymized and averaged together with others in your organization. You and all others who opt into the community feature will be able to view the average stress/contentment of your department. If supervisors opt into the community feature, all they see is the average well-being of the department or company, the same as everyone else. That way, we can ensure your privacy is always protected. We’ve spent lots of time mapping out possible edge cases and ensuring your information is safe.

4. How does Autumn use AI in its product?


We promise it's not just a buzzword. 

The technology underpinning all of Autumn is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) model that analyzes various data to understand how you're feeling based on: weekly check-ins with Ipsy, Autumn’s Slack Bot; and A.I. analysis of text data (only if you opt-in) from Slack.


In our own research, and in that of those at Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Toronto, text analysis has been shown to be an incredibly effective means by which to understand psychological health. In day-to-day conversations, whether by email or twitter or anything else, we often choose different words subconsciously, and patterns in the types of words you use reveal your underlying psychological state.

5. What type of data does Autumn use in its analysis?


While we currently only offer integrations with Slack, we’re currently building ones for G Suite and Spotify. If there are other sources of data you’d like to have included, just email or message us and we’ll get started on it as soon as possible! Some of the ones we’re considering right now are Oura Ring and Twitter.

6. What happens to my profile and data if I leave my place of work?


Your data is yours and yours alone, that means that if you leave your job, you your profile and data go with you. You will maintain access to all the features Autumn has to offer, for free! Just let us know via that you'll be leaving your job, and we'll send an email to your personal email with the details.


Particularly in the midst of a stressful time like looking for other employment, we want to be there to support you.

And we hope that when you find that next thing you want to pursue, you consider talking with your new organization about using Autumn for their teams as well! 

7. Why is the Slack bot's name Ipsy?


The name Ipsy is based on the latin word ‘ipsa’ or ‘ipse,’ meaning, ‘yourself.’ 


i.e. You're talking with yourself (we thought it was funny too).

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