How Trufan balanced hyper growth & employee well-being - Case Study 2021

Updated: Sep 14

"Being new to my position of leadership, I found Autumn to be an invaluable tool for helping to passively assess the well-being of my team and proactively addressing potential challenges.” - Katy Farrell, Head of Customer Success, Trufan

Trufan sits at the forefront of data generation and analytics, with its product in use by organizations like the NBA, L'Oreal, and Netflix to better understand and engage their consumer bases, fans, and audiences. On top of rapidly scaling to nearly 1,000 customers, Trufan has recently acquired, Playr, a first-party data generation company. With its recent acquisition, Trufan has had to manage explosive growth, while simultaneously building a unified product, integrating workflows, cross-training, and restructuring the entire org chart.

The Challenge

To continue hyper growth while supporting employee well-being & mental health.

The Outcome

The insights & recommendations provided by Autumn led to improved employee well-being, greater psychological safety, and 0% fall-off in utilization of Autumn over several months. All while remote.

Behind much of Trufan's success and best-in-class customer retention, is the powerhouse customer success team, led by Katy Farrell, Trufan's Head of Customer Success. With the recent acquisition, on top of managing Trufan's rapid customer growth, Katy has also had to merge two established Customer Success teams into a single cohesive team ready to perform at full capacity. She knew that in order to be successful with merging teams, she'd need to better understand how her team was feeling, and address potential barriers proactively. She turned to Autumn for help.

What gets measured, gets managed

In the midst of a pandemic, employee mental health and well-being have never faced so many challenges. While some of these challenges stem from outside of work, many drivers of stress and anxiety and other mental health challenges, originate in the workplace, where they've been exacerbated by working remotely.

Like any mission-critical element of a business, the most important first step to solving any complex task, is to make the outcome measurable – whether it's demos booked, tickets resolved, or quarterly profits. Mental health and well-being are no different.

With Autumn, Katy was able to measure her team's well-being, which allowed her to manage it more effectively.

Preventing issues before they become fires

During all-hands and 1:1s, Katy refers to the Autumn dashboard where the team's well-being metrics are displayed in aggregate for everyone to see. The dashboard provides data illustrating clear trends in stress and well-being over time, so Katy can proactively identify and address issues like lack of role clarity, burnout, or confusion around goals, all before they become unmanageable.

Katy went on to say, "I think awareness of stress, and more importantly, its sources, can often be difficult to track or identify. We often feel stressed or unsatisfied but can’t always pinpoint why."

Autumn's ability to correlate dates with team-wide stress levels helped us start conversations around specific events, and take action to address them.”

Insights & Recommendations

Autumn's platform goes beyond just measuring stress – it's able to identify underlying causes, and provide recommendations to address them. Not all stress is bad, far from it, and by using Autumn, Katy can identify and prioritize the underlying stressors, like a lack of role clarity, that are drive risk of burnout and even turnover.

Prioritizing what matters most

"We’re working at a fast pace during a time of massive growth and juggling a lot of moving parts. Stress is inevitable, and the size of my team’s workload is in many ways unavoidable… Autumn helped me to more fully understand and manage the other factors that are contributing to my team's stress.” - Katy Farrell, Head of Customer Success

As a result of using Autumn, Katy says, "I’ve learned to focus on addressing the factors that are within my control as a manager, such as assigning tasks according to strengths and providing the right tools to nurture a sense of capability in my team."

Transforming team behaviours

For Katy, Autumn has not only been invaluable to her as a manager, it's also changed how the whole Customer Success team interacts with one another. "As a team, Autumn has shown that our stress levels are most highly correlated with our sense of social support. We’ve internalized that as a team and so we're more aware of how our support for one another acts as a buffer against stress, and we are more proactive about offering that support to one another," Katy says.

"I think we are all more comfortable venting to each other, sharing vulnerabilities, and we all feel closer since we started talking openly about the value of social support, in particular.”

Katy's team members have noticed the changes as well – as Sarah Lott, a member of the CS team, puts it below.

"Autumn has 100% changed our team dynamic, and in the best way! It's created such an open space to speak and be heard which is really refreshing to me as I've never experienced that at a job before.” - Sarah Lott, CS Team member

Direct value for team members

Autumn isn’t just a tool for managers, and heads of people and culture. At its core, Autumn’s solution was built to provide each team member with direct value. Autumn’s solution provides each team member with access to their personal data, recommendations, and insights via their own dashboard. This means team members actually want to use Autumn, unlike traditional survey tools. That direct engagement with Katy’s team members means they’re empowered to take their own well-being and development into their own hands, assisted with Autumn’s personalized recommendations.

No more surveys, way more value

Autumn’s passive analysis

Autumn's platform was built on research out of Stanford and the University of Toronto, on passively measuring mental health and well-being from digital behaviour. Autumn's core technology is an AI model that takes in anonymized Slack, Google, and other data, to passively measure stress levels, burnout risk, psychological safety, and contentment, among other metrics. This means no more surveys or survey bias. Team members were initially skeptical when they first heard about the technology behind Autumn, but after learning that they have total control over what data is used for passive analysis and who gets to see that analysis, every member Customer Success opted into the passive analysis feature after the first week of using Autumn at Trufan.

Since then, not a single person has fallen off the platform.

This has been true for Autumn's other clients too. Users quickly realize that by opting into passive analysis, they don't have to keep checking-in to continue receiving value out of the tool. Users receive weekly summaries and insights delivered in Slack or their inbox, even when they haven't checked-in.


Each team member on Katy's team has the option of opting-in to the passive analysis feature, or alternatively doing a simple 30-second check-in twice a week through Autumn's Slack bot. Once they opt-in each team members can privately access their personal data & insights via a personal dashboard, or directly in Slack, without the need for check-ins.

No drop-off means long-term change

The passive analysis feature of Autumn's platform makes a real difference to ensuring the platform creates long-term value and behaviour change.

"I really, really like that the platform updates automatically/ intelligently…when I pick up any other product like a mood-tracker, or gratitude app, or habit-tracking app, if I fall off for a day or a week, I stop using the product… But I can't fall off with Autumn, so I love that. I don't feel like if I miss a check-in the product loses value.” - Trufan’s Lead UX Designer

As Trufan's Lead UX Designer put it, with other wellness/mental health/habit-tracking tools he’s used in the past, it’s difficult to maintain usage over a long period of time because of their heavy reliance on self-reporting data: ”With these other tools – the moment I fall off, I stop getting value and I lose any motivation to continue using them. With Autumn that doesn’t happen.”

A product that employees are thankful for

77% of employees would consider leaving their current place of employment for a job with lower pay, if there was better mental health support or benefits. Supporting employee mental health is critical to attracting and maintaining top talent, and prioritizing solutions that support mental health shape the way . Since introducing Autumn several months ago, Katy says,

“There has been genuine and heartfelt appreciation expressed for not only having the tool, but an executive team who is invested enough in us to provide it."

Everything we learned about supporting employee mental health, we’ve built into Autumn.

Autumn makes employee well-being measurable in real-time, without surveys. Because what gets measured, gets managed. Personalized resources for employees, with anonymized & aggregated insights for managers and HR Leaders.

Empower employees and managers to have important conversations proactively.

Provide employees & managers with automated & personalized conversation guides from leading clinical and org psychologists.

Turn tone and communication patterns into a barometer of well-being and trust. Understand how your teams are feeling without needing another pulse survey. Autumn’s Slack analysis translates digital behaviour into well-being signals & culture insights. Capture and easily report on the impact your people & culture initiatives have. Capture continuous data on the impact your people and culture initiatives have on the organization. Because HR is an investment, not a cost.

Integrates seamlessly into Slack & G Suite

72% of employees opt-in to use the platform, because they get immediate and direct value in return.

Magnify HR’s impact on the workplace, and capture clear data on the ROI.

• Empower managers with emotional-intelligence-asa-service.

• Built on decades of research from the University of Toronto, Stanford, and MIT. • Privacy-first. GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

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