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Measure burnout-risk, without surveys.

A privacy-first platform for employees & companies.

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Support the mental health of your employees by identifying challenges proactively.

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Enable employees with the tools they need to manage their own mental health needs proactively.

Benefits and other top-down solutions provide 

only half the answer.

Prevent Burnout

Identify teams at high risk of burnout before it happens. 


Compare team-level stress across your company, and focus on the ones that need support at the right time.

Increase Benefit Usage 

Prompt employees with the right benefit when they need it most. 

Mental health isn't just a problem in May. Get the right benefit to the right person at the right time. 

No More Surveys

Real-time insights & actionable recommendations for managers and employees.


No more surveys means no more selection bias or skewed results. 

We started with privacy and built from there.

Autumn is built on the framework, Privacy by Design, developed by the renowned Dr. Ann Cavoukian to address issues of privacy in a digital age. Privacy by Design is seen as a global best practice, and forms a foundation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What does this mean practically? It means we put employee privacy first. Employee identity is always kept anonymous, and all personally identifying information is redacted from any and all data used in Autumn's analysis – protecting individual and company privacy. 


See our Privacy page for a comprehensive breakdown of the Privacy by Design principles and practices that Animo was built with. 





Empower Managers

Managing is hard. Managing a team remotely is dramatically harder. 


Autumn enables managers with data-driven & actionable recommendations to better understand how their teams are feeling, and how to support them.

In real-time. Without surveys.

Prevent Burnout

Burnout rates have never been higher. And the 'Great Resignation' is just beginning.


Autumn enables Managers & People Leaders to proactively identify teams at high risk of burnout, and prevent it from happening in the first place.


Because it's always easier to help a team than hire a new one. 



Remote Work Made Seamless

Shared office space made it easier to get a pulse on how people and teams were doing. Now it's impossible – even with endless zoom calls and pulse surveys.

Autumn helps you identify which teams need support and when, and help team members feel more connected and supported by those around them.


How Trufan Balanced Hypergrowth and Employee Well-Being with Autumn. 

Learn about how Trufan:
  • Rapidly built psychological safety while remote
  • Made employee well-being/mental health a KPI for their teams.
  • Built a focus around prevention rather than response. 


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Predict burnout before it happens

Autumn uses AI to passively measure the psychological health of your teams, identifying early signs of increasing stress, anxiety, and burnout days to weeks in advance. Animo leverages Privacy by Design to keep employee privacy safe.

All that's needed is 5 minutes to integrate with Slack or G Suite.

An individual contributor's personal dashboard.

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Prevention rather than reaction


With team and company-level aggregated data, you can quickly identify teams that need additional support, and double-click for context on their performance over time.


Because HR is about more than putting out fires, it's about building a better organization for tomorrow. 

A People Team's company dashboard.

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From insight to action.



Autumn makes each insight actionable and prioritizes those that will have the greatest ROI. When time is limited, deciding what to tackle first makes all the difference.

Employees receive actionable recommendations to manage their well-being.


Managers receive research-based recommendations on how they can best support their teams.


People & Culture can see how different teams compare across stress, contentment, and risk of burnout.

A manager's dashboard displaying team benchmark data.

We are committed not only to building exceptional products, but pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Autumn's predictive engine is built on the back of research by our team and advisors from the University of Toronto, Stanford, Harvard, the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Cornell and Cambridge. 

Autumn works closely with academic institutions and researchers to push our understanding of psychology, mental health, psycholinguistics, and natural language processing forward. We didn't start Autumn just to build a business, we did it to build a space where these topics are researched and translated into action for the benefit of all. 

Proprietary research is a core component of our product and business. We’re committed not only to building exceptional products, but pushing the boundaries of knowledge.


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