Understand your remote employees without the hassle of surveys.

Build a culture your people won't want to leave by passively measuring engagement and burnout risk, and empower your people to take action in real-time.

No credit card required.

Preventing turnover starts with understanding, and ends in action.

Autumn helps you and your people leaders do both.

Autumn analyzes existing data sources in your workplace like calendars, chat messages, and email to give you insights on how your team is feeling, and what to do about it, without sacrificing privacy. Backed by expert research in Pyschology and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Toronto, Cambridge, and Stanford.

Autumn is built on Privacy-by-design principles — so your privacy is always protected. Learn more

Optional surveys

Save hundreds of hours by doing away with surveys. Autumn integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, like Slack, Calendar, and Email to passively measure performance and well-being trends across your teams.

Coaching in the flow of work

Empower your people leaders with expert-curated resources and recommendations automatically tailored to the needs of their teams. Save time and money on manager trainings.

Make everyone a change agent

Support managers as they drive performance and prevent turnover. Empower employees with resources and insights to build the behaviours important to your organization at every level of the team.

Start preventing burnout in a few simple steps.


Set Your Baseline

Onboard in less than 5 minutes. Get immediate insight into your own well-being, performance readiness, and burnout risk. Then, invite your team to do the same.


Integrate the tools you use the most

Connect your Slack workspace and calendar to begin measuring trends in how you and your team are doing, so you can identify issues before they become fires. All without surveys.


Track trends and take action

Get recommendations written by experts, tailored to the needs of your team. The more you and your team use Autumn, the more relevant your recommendations will become.


People-first results

From your 1-on-1's to all-hands, use Autumn to foster trust and connection and help your team feel heard and supported. Because you shouldn't have to choose between performance and well-being.

Katy Farrell

Head of Customer Success, Surf

Being new to my position of leadership, I found Autumn to be an invaluable tool for helping to passively assess the well-being of my team and proactively addressing potential challenges.

From preventing burnout to building trust, build a healthier team with Autumn

Privacy By Design

Autumn implements the best practices in privacy and information security to protect data.

Simple & Interactive Dashboard

Click through your dashboard to see which behaviours impact your team's well-being and performance.

Personalized Recommendations

Get expert recommendations on how to effectively support your team when they need it the most.

In-Slack Summaries

Get reports on trends, burnout risk, and relevant recommendations directly in Slack every week.

Calendar Insights

See how much time your team spends in meetings or deep work and its impact on well-being.

Passive Analysis

Autumn's AI uses Slack data to identify trends in your well-being based on changes in grammar & syntax.

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